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2013 Research Exposition


April 12, 2013, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

UNB Fredericton, Wu Conference Centre, Auditorium




  1. Abtin Zohrabi, Fatemeh Razzaghi, and Ali A. Ghorbani. Classifying Organizational Roles using Email Social Networks

  2. Bo Yan and Kenneth B. Kent. For Loop Support and Abstract Syntax Tree Optimization in Odin II

  3. Chandan Bagai and Kenneth B. Kent. Characterizing and Improving the General Performance of Apache Zookeeper  

  4. Abtin Zohrabi and Ali A. Ghorbani. Reply Prediction of Email messages using Interaction-and Content-based Features 

  5. Chirag Sharawat and Kenneth B. Kent. Matching Engine for Online Dating using Semantic Web Techniques 

  6. Damian Jewett, David Otis, David Bremner, and Joe Horton. A Model and Software Solution for Scheduling with Peak Power Demand in Wood Processing 

  7. Amber Han and Bradford G. Nickerson. Text Search with Spatial Constraints

  8. Dayal Dilli and Kenneth B. Kent and Robin Bate Boerop. Diskless Data Analytics on Distributed Co-ordination Systems

  9. Dizhi Zhou, Wei Song, Minghui Shi. Performance Improvement of Multipath TCP for Mobile Devices

  10. Emily Wilson and Kenneth B. Kent. A Semantic Matchmaking System for Online Dating

  11. Fatemeh Razzaghi and Ali A. Ghorbani. Towards Email Importance based on User Profile and Message

  12. Jianbo Zheng and Weichang Du. Cloud Computing Migration Tool

  13. Jingjing Li and Kenneth B. Kent. Investigating FPGA Architectures for System-on-Chip

  14. Konstantin Nasartschuk and Kenneth B. Kent and Rainer Herpers. Visual Exploration of Changing FPGA Architectures in the VTR Project

  15. Lingchen Zhou and Bradford G. Nickerson. Position Estimation of Nodes Moving in a Wireless Sensor Network

  16. Mahta Moattari and Weichang Du. Online News Recommender System

  17. Milad Irannejad and Bradford G. Nickerson. A Distributed Fault-Tolerant Spatial Data Structure.

  18. Kenneth Kent, André Hinkenjann, and Nicolas Neu. Application performance improvements through VM parameter modification after runtime analysis

  19. Ning Ju, Kenneth B. Kent, and David Bremner. Interface USB to Thermal Conductivity Instrument

  20. Peter Samarin, Timur Saitov, Rainer Herpers, and Kenneth B. Kent. Data Traffic Reduction in Vision Applications usingOn-Board FPGA-based Image Preprocessing

  21. Sen Wang and Kenneth B. Kent. The Improvement of VTR Project by using Carry-Chains and Power Specification

  22. Stuart A. MacGillivray and Bradford G. Nickerson. Exclusion Persistence in Spatial Data

  23. Victoria Pimentel and Bradford G. Nickerson. Estimating Safety Function Response Time for Wireless Sensor Networks

  24. Weiqi Zhang and Bradford G. Nickerson. 6LoWPAN for mobile wireless sensor network communication

  25. Marcel Dombrowski, Kenneth B. Kent, and Michael Dawson, Dynamic Monitor Allocation in the Java Virtual Machine

  26. Hanin Almutairi, Hawra Alseef and Nada Alsalmi, Wireless network movement simulation in NS2

  27. Mostafa Karamibekr and Ali A. Ghorbani, Sentiment Analysis of Social Issues

  28. Mahsa Kiani, Virendra Bhavsar, Harold Boley, Combined Structure-Weight Graph Similarity and Its Application in E-Health

  29. Daniel Latimer, Social Distributed Computing

  30. H. Gonzalez, M. Gosselin-Lavigne, N. Stakhanova and A. Ghorbani, The impact of slow-rate application DDoS attacks on webservers

  31. Abdullah Alzahrani, Natalia Stakhanova, and Ali A. Ghorbani, SMS Mobile Botnet Detection Based on Multi Agent System

  32. Manfred Jendrosch, Gerhard W. Dueck, Charlie Gracie, André Hinkenjann, PC Based Escape Analysis in the Java Virtual Machine

  33. Pooria Madani and Ali A. Ghorbani, A Framework for Information Discovery from Twitter

  34. Xiaojing Li, Wei Song, and Bradford G. Nickerson, Simulator for Adaptive Multimedia Transmission over Wireless Network

  35. D. Scherfgen, T. Saitov, E. Zotos, S. Seele, M. Velte, T. Mathew, R. Herpers, FIVIS: An Immersive Bicycle Simulator