Joannah Nanjekye

Graduate Student
University of New Brunswick

Email: jnanjeky [at] unb [dot] ca
Lab: H129 - Head Hall

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Iam a second year grad student, advised by Dr David Bremner, working on a Python garbage collector using OMR; and part of the IBM CAS-Atlantic research group.

Other than grad school, Iam also an avid FOSS contributor and Python Core Developer focusing on the CAPI and Subinterpreters (PEP 554).

Research Interests

  • Programming Languages
  • Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
  • Python
  • Type Systems

  • Talks

    1. [On some pythonic topic not decided yet] (Upcoming). Pycon Africa 2020. [Link]
    2. My Python is Restricted: Implementing a Garbage Collector in a High Level Language using the OMR GC Framework. CASCON x EVOKE 2019. [Slides]


    Python 2 and 3 Compatibility: With Six and Python-Future Libraries. Apress. Dec. 2017. [Link] [BibTeX]